NBN Satisfaction Guarantee for BigPond?

Our generation has changed as the generation of the internet. What our ancestors learned through books or conversations, we learned through the internet. It has made us too dependent on Internet Service Providers for everything from work to Entertainment. BigPond ISP’s are the best-known services that always got good reviews from its users.

It is highly reliable, smooth and consists of advanced features that greatly benefit its users. It works on an NBN technology and it has come with a deal that if you are not happy with their services, you can cancel without paying for the early termination charges. In addition, you will get your first monthly plan fee and any hardware repayment costs refunded to you. If you have any types of issues regarding the replacement policy then you can connect our executives of BigPond Customer Service.

Can you take up this NBN satisfaction guarantee?

In case you are the eligible customer, you can take it up within 30 days of being connected to this network. The 30 days start as soon as the service is connected to the network.

You are a casual eligible customer, 12 or 24-month contract and you are:

  • Connect a new NBN service with BigPond.
  • Migrate to the respective network with BigPond.

You won’t be eligible in case you are a user of:

  • ADSL / Cable
  • Belong (Including NBN)
  • Velocity
  • Moves (in case you are already on NBN and move to a new address with NBN)
  • In case you port out / disconnect without calling

You can contact the live agents and let them know your respective experience. If it is not good then you will get back your first monthly plan fee, any speed boost charges, hardware repayment costs and all the standard BigPond installation, connection or activation fees. Note that charges of standard installation or NBN co-fees.

Contact BigPond Support Team For More Queries

If you come across any issue regarding its services, you can always come to our experienced team of professionals for proper guidance. You can contact us through the toll-free number or online chats. We also provide with the remote assistance and you can get in touch at any time around the clock.