How To Perform Belong ADSL Modem Settings?

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Belong is leading internet service provider to the customer and also offers many other features to them for accessing the internet easily. And connecting to ADSL modem is also included in the services which are offered by the Belong. Before continuing with the setting process, first people should know their modem interface which they are using.

People generally check the details from the label which is placed at the bottom of the modem. There are mainly three types of modems which are mentioned in this blog with their performing setting tips:

Most Used Belong ADSL Modems are:-

  • Belong 4353
  • Sagemcom 4315
  • Technicolor TG797

People are getting steps for ADSL modem setting in this blog and if they need any further information they can take technical support. The user can contact us at our Belong Phone Number. So first try to fix the issue itself and then contact the team of experts. Follow these steps and update the Belong ADSL modem setting.

Belong 4353 modems:-

  • Type your IP address in the web browser
  • In the next window add your username and password to login your account
  • Select the broadband and check whether “PPP Enable” is on
  • Add the PPP login details and wait for 30 seconds until the internet light goes green

Sagemcom 4315 modem:-

  • Type in the web browser and add the login details
  • Select “internet connection” from the settings
  • Now type PPP login details and then click on apply/save.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and wait for light goes green

Technicolor TG797 modem:-

  • Type your IP address in your preferred browser
  • Find the option of Broadband connection from the home screen
  • Select PPPoE DSL and add your login details
  • Press the connect button and wait for a while to light got green

These different modems can be connected with ADSL in just five minutes if a user follows the proper guidance. But if the customer is unable to understand the guidance, they can take help from the experts. Technicians are always happy to help the users in their troubled situation at Belong Customer Service.