How to Fix Issues with DNS Server of BigPond ISP

The Internet is a backbone of almost all of the business types. No work can run without having the proper and smooth internet connection. Everyone from the small business person to the big professionals is in a constant search of the most reliable Internet Service Provider. BigPond ISP is the most used and positively reviewed service in the market.

It is a technology that comes with a lot of system settings and a number of advanced features and so it’s not a big thing if some problem pops out in its functioning. Issues with DNS servers are quite common and you can attend to them on your own.

What to do if DNS server is not responding

First of all, try to change its address manually:

  • Find ‘Start’ and press on ‘Control Panel’.
  • Go to the ‘Network and Internet’ and then to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
  • Press on ‘Change adapter settings’.
  • Find your particular network adapter from the list and see to its properties.
  • Then press on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • You will come across the internet protocol properties.

Choose ‘Use the following DNS server address:

  1. Preferred one –
  2. Alternative one –
  • Choose validate settings upon exit check-box.
  • Hit on ‘OK’ and then close to ending the process.

How to enter the physical address in the network adapter

  • Find ‘Start’ and fill in ‘CMD’ and press on entering.
  • In command prompt fill in IPCONFIG/ ALL.
  • Search for your respective network adapter.
  • Note down the physical address.
  • Now visit to ‘Start’ and fill in ‘NCPA.CPL. Visit the properties after right-clicking on your network adapter.
  • Choose ‘Configure’.
  • Finally, go through these steps –
  • Hit on the Advanced tab and choose network address.
  • Choose the radial button Value.
  • Fill in the noted down physical address without the dashes.
  • Hit on ‘OK’.
  • Try rebooting your system.

You can try disabling your firewall connection if nothing works.

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