How do I Connect to Telstra BigPond Wi-Fi?

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Wi-Fi plays an important part when it comes to our professional lives especially. Our work gets along well only if there is a smooth and continuous supply of internet and the same comes from a proficient Wi-Fi set up. BigPond consists of different renowned features for the ease of its users. It is proficient and perfect. In this article, we are going to discuss about how to connect Telstra BigPond Wi-Fi manually or via Wi-Fi protected set-up feature.

The two ways for connection are:-

  • The BigPond –supplied modem’s Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) feature.
  • Do the connection manually.

Following are the step by step instructions to do the same:

1. By using modem’s protected setup feature –
  • Visit the settings and then ‘Wi-Fi’ on your device. Take a look at your device’s instructions for more specifications.
  • Find and hold on to the button of ‘pair’ or ‘WPS’ for about 5 seconds on your BigPond-supplied modem. It will appear on the front or back of your device according to the type of modem you have.
  • If the ‘Pair/WPS’ light flashes, it means that your device has got an internet connection.
2. By using the manual methods –
  • Switch on the wireless receiver of your device.
  • Scroll through the list of available networks.
  • Choose the wireless network displayed on your device and fill in the password when prompted. You will definitely find it either on your device or on the security card which was with the BigPond-supplied modem.

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