How to perfom basic settings of Telstra

Telstra is a leading brand which provides mobile phones plans, broadband plans, home phone plans, and Email services to people. Telstra internet service provider is one of the best brands which stand alone at one side with all the market on another side. In this blog, get information about the settings of “My Account” in Telstra and follow these steps, We hope you can understand everything with the help of this article if you not then you can visit our Telstra Bigpond Contact Number.


Avatar is an image which is shown on the top of Name to identify the person. A person can anytime change their Avatar by following these easy steps:

      • First, you need to sign in to the Community account with the login credential
      • Now tap on “My Setting” button and go to the Avatars option
      • You can choose your avatar via these ways
      • Choose from the community collection
      • Choose an image from the Gallery
      • Use Facebook profile Photo as an avatar if you have granted permission
      • You can also pick the picture form the web


Signature is something which is shown on the end of the post with a name and a designation. You can create your own signature anytime by following these steps:

      • Login into community account via BigPond Email login details
      • Go to My Setting and then click on Personal Profile
      • You will see a page with Personal Information
      • Here add your signature in the “Signature” box
      • At last click on save


 Profile card is a card which displays the information of the user like name, company achievements and many other details. Create your own profile card with these steps:

      • Log into the community account and go “My Setting”
      • Tap on the “Personal” option and go with the profile cards
      • Now you have to click on “Display Your Profile Card on Your Post”
      • From the below-provided options, you have to choose a theme
      • Now add the details which you want to see in the profile
      • Then save the setting


 You can easily get in touch with other people by making them a friend. When you add people as a friend in your Telstra Account, they get able to see your biography, online status, and other personal details. For adding people as a friend in your group:

      • Sign in to the community and click on the username of a person whom you want to add
      • You will take to the “About Username” page of that particular person
      • Here you have to click on “Add username to Friends”

Our Telstra Customer Support Team

Via these small settings, now you are able to enjoy the Telstra Email and Broadband Account. In this blog, you are getting some details about the avatar, signature, and profile card of Telstra account. If you have any issue in the process of the above steps, you can take assistance from the technical team of Telstra.