Fix BigPond ISP Broadband Connection

How to Fix BigPond ISP Broadband Connection?

Internet service providers play a very crucial role in the life of our day to day business. We can’t bear any glitches with our internet as it will hinder most of the important tasks. BigPond ISP is a premium service offered by Telstra for its users. Sometimes it shows up issues regarding its broadband connection. If you need any kind of help for the given task, you can reach to us by dialing BigPond Tech Support Number 1-800-789-560. The experts will guide you in an entire process of troubleshooting all the errors with your ISP.

Telstra BigPond Tech Support

Following are the steps to fix the Issue:

Modem connection—

  • The power light should be on.
  • The device should be plugged in actively and its power button should be on.
  • Power cables should be in their place.

Wi-Fi connection—

  • The model’s light should be on. Press the WPS button to turn it on.
  • Confirm that you are connected to the right network.
  • Maybe you have poor signals in some parts of your place. Try changing your location.

You can get guidance for Telstra Broadband and Wi-Fi Issues

Ethernet cable—

  • It should be safely plugged in the yellow LAN port of your modem as well in the Ethernet port of your system,
  • Replace the breaks, damages or exposed wires, if any.
  • If that doesn’t work, switch off the device completely and turn it on after a few seconds.

More than one device is slow—

  • Switch off them.
  • Now, turn them on one by one to find the one slowing the connection.

Restart your modem—

  • Remove the power cable for a few seconds before plugging it on.
  • Allow it to settle and try connecting again.

For Instant help call at Telstra BigPond Contact Number 1-800-789-560

The experienced technicians are here for 24/7 to help you out. The official ones will be willing to answer all your queries to solve all the issues. The BigPond Tech Support team is very well aware of the possible problems and their suitable solutions. You can reach to them for help at any time around the clock.