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How To Fix A Compromised BigPond Email Account With BigPond Support?

In this virtual world, there are so many chances to get your details hacked. If any user notices any unusual activity with their email account, they should take a step for the same. If users get the unnecessary emails in their spam folder or notice any conversation without your knowledge? It all leads to the one point that – account has been hacked or compromised.

In case, the customer notices any unusual activity in the account, changing the password is the most important step they should take.BigPond Support is reachable for the customers who need the services from a team. But before contacting Telstra BigPond Support once try these steps for getting their profile back.

Follow These Steps To recover A Hacked Email Account

One should remediate their account which has been hacked and improve all the security postures so that no hacker can ever reach to your account with any wrong intention. To do this, on the first step, you should change your password and make it stronger as much it’s possible.

  • First of all, the user has to log-in their account.
  • In the second step, fill the personal details and preferences in the required section.
  • Now select “Edit” and update the username and password.

Steps To Recover An Email With Multiple Accounts

  • First of all, log-in into the My Account.
  • You will get a section Plans and usage under which you will have to select the tab Manage your email accounts. From there, select the required email from the dropdown list.
  • Now you can easily change your password to make your account more safe and secure.

Check And Update The Security of Your System Or Another Device

Most of the hackers get your account details from malware and spyware which has been installed to your device. Make sure that the antivirus program you are using for your device is up-to-date or not. Always go for the settings which provide an option to update your device and then you can easily get the availability of new security fixes.

Also, check whether all the operating systems updates are installed or not. If not, do it immediately. To get this option to follow these steps or make a call Telstra BigPond Contact Number.

  • Type the name of your usable operating system.
  • Update into the search engine like google, bing, etc.
  • Set your computer to get updated automatically.

Get An Instant Support From BigPond Tech Support Number  1-800-789-560

Now a user can change their password in case they feel it is compromised. Whether a user has only one account or multiple email accounts, it is easy to change the password. Besides the compromise issue, if a customer faces any other issue, they can reach us. Our Team of BigPond Support is available for users to help them. Feel free to reach us in a troubled situation at BigPond Email Support PhoneNumber 1-800-789-560.