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The high speed of internet is necessary for all internet users in this fast forward generation. A little delay in our speed can create so many problems for online customers. But Belong is perfect for providing a network connectivity. One in a thousand ever faces slow internet connection issues. Here with this blog, our team of Belong Customer Care will notify the users about the connections and related information. You can also make a call at Belong Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-789-560 for an instant and effective support for all queries.

First Of All, Understand About The nbnTM & ADSL Network Speeds

NBN- NBN is basically a platform which provides so many network plans to their customers. The velocity range of internet is depending on the NBN because this platform contains all the data and line speed according to the plan.

ADSL- Asymmetric digital subscriber line is basically a DSL which helps the faster transfer of data over copper phone lines. The user can use this connection on their home phone service also and get the benefits of the internet. The speed of ADSL depends on the distance of the copper line from the actual exchange.

Some range of ADSL for the connection:
  • If the device is in the home, the speed will be up to 8Mbps
  • For uploading, the range will go up to 384 Kbps
Some range of ADSL2+ for the connection:
  • If the device is in the home, the speed will be up to 20Mbps
  • For uploading, the range will go up to 850 Kbps

Factors Which Affect The Internet Speed Of The Device:

  • How many members use the internet connection in the home
  • In which way, user get connected to a network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Does user upload high   content on the platforms
  • What is the length of cable which user connect to the server
  • There is any damage to the cable which connects a user to the service
  • There may be a network outage issues, due to which internet speed get affected
  • Maybe the device has malware or virus which affect its velocity

Belong Customer Care for Optus Belong ISP issues at  1-800-789-560

Here is the information about the internet related and the possible reasons for a slow connection. And if a user gets issues in their network range besides the above reasons, they can reach us and get an instant Belong Technical Support. Dial Belong Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-789-560 and the team will surely assist the user in the issues.